Maven Integration for WTP in Eclipse


Please be sure, that you have already installed:

Adding Tomcat in Eclipse

  • Right click to your project-explorer
    • New → Other
    • write into the Wizard Textfield „Server“
    • Choose Server and Click next
    • Select in the „Apache“ Folder a Tomcat version and click „Next“
    • the „celements-web“ Project is listed in the left-handed List. you can add it to your configuration by doubleclick or with the navigation buttons. Click „Finish“
  • Now you can see in the „Java EE“ View the Registercard „Servers“ in the bottom-pane
  • Double-click on the Server and it will appear the Server Configuration
    • Server name: choose a name as you like
    • Host name: wirte „localhost“ in the Textfield
    • click on „Runtime Enviroment“
      • name: choose a name as you like
      • Tomcat installation directory: select the folder, in which you have installed your Tomcat Instance „eg. /usr/local/apache-tomcat-7.0.54“
      • JRE: Choose the JRE which you use in your Projects „eg. Java SE 6“
      • click Finish
    • Server Locations
      • Select the Radiobutton „“Use Tomcat installation (takes control of Tomcat installation)
      • Deploy path: write „webapps“ in it
    • Timeouts:
      • change the start value to 200 and the stop value to 100

Install m2e-wtp in your Eclipse Marketplace

  • Go to the Marketplace in your Eclipse (Help → Marketplace)
  • Search for m2e-wtp
  • install the Plugin "Maven Intergration for Eclipse WTP"

Run Project with WTP and Maven

  • After you installed and configured everything you can right-click on the „celements-web“-Project → Run as → Run on Server
  • The tomcat Server will start now
  • If there are any problem during the Start, please solve them first.
  • you can Start/Stop the Tomcat if you right-click on your Tomcat Server in the Bottom-Pane and select your desired action or click on the Start or Stop button on the bottom right side
  • If the Server started up you can change any Sources, which are related to the celements-web project and the installed plugins will publish this changes directly to your Tomcat Server